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 +This page maintains a list of actions and decisions made by the Sunbeam City cooperative,​ either at a collective or individual level, and the rationale behind them. The purpose of this is manyfold:
 +  * It provides clear guidance on areas not covered by the Governance Policy or Code of Conduct
 +  * It improves transparency and accessibility by allowing people to see how Sunbeam City functions at a level that is not immediately obvious
 +  * It helps members of Action Squads determine if what they plan to do is permissible and respectful of the wishes of the general membership
 +  * As a reference, it helps the general membership be more consistent in its decision-making over repeat instances of similar circumstances
 +The "​policies"​ below are non-binding,​ but are meant to facilitate good governance and should be taken into consideration when dealing with ambiguity or uncertainty.
 +=====Action Squads=====
 +> Action Squads can postpone carrying out a proposal, if circumstances around the proposal change considerably between the time the proposal was initiated and the planned execution of the proposal. Time can be allowed for a second decision by the general membership in light of this change.
 +**Case**: The Tech AS had stopped implementing a trial run of Rocket Chat once it was found out that Rocket Chat's official mobile app requires messages to be sent to their servers for push notifications. A poll of alternative actions was created on Loomio afterwards.
 +**Date of entry**: September 9 2018
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