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Welcome to Sunbeam City's wiki. Sunbeam City is a solarpunk collective.

Solarpunks cherish nature, progress and science; the individual and the community.

They believe in a world that is green, colourful, and bright. It can be described as a literary genre, an aesthetic, or a movement. The key points are:

  • An emphasis on renewable energy, especially solar power.
  • A demand for technology and society to re-centre around sustainability, longevity, and balance.
  • A focus on decentralisation, community activism, social justice and civic empowerment.
  • A recognition that economic, social, and ecological injustices are all deeply inter-connected.

For a more comprehensive description, check out this article

Sunbeam City is an instance of Mastodon in the fediverse. We are organized as a cooperative that empowers its members to determine their own governance through our Governance Policy.

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