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 ====== Guidelines ====== ====== Guidelines ======
-Here are listed our guidelines for the use of our services.+Here are listed our guidelines for our services.
 ---- ----
-===== Loomio ===== 
-==== Creating Proposals ====+===== Wiki Contribution Guidelines =====
-Note that there are also hard rules regarding the creation of proposals. It is recommended to read the [[governance_policy|Governance Policy]] under **Voting**.+These are guidelines for how to contribute to the wiki in a way that is most efficient and effective.  I get that we're all anarchists and whatnot, but it makes sense to have a method to adding content to the wiki in a "standard-ish" way so stuff just slots together and it's not messy and disorganised.
-=== Proposal Structure ===+Please see the [[wiki:syntax|syntax]] page for general information on how to write in [[|Markdown]]. This is the 'language' used in the wiki plain text files to make them render as HTML with bold, italics, headers, links etc.
-It is recommended to follow the template described below:+==== Creating Pages ====
-  **Background**: A paragraph outlining the reasons proposal is being made+If a page doesn't exist that you feel would be useful or is required, then search for it even though it doesn't exist (search for the specific name you want the page to be called i.e. in its url) and then click the name in the search blurb to open the edit page for the new file. Once saved, make sure you add it to the [[sidebar|Sidebar page]] if it's something that should go there (i.e. not just a [[fediverse|quick note on what the fediverse is]], for example). 
-  - **Proposal**A paragraph clearly describing the proposal+ 
-  - **Budget or labour cost**: A paragraph outlining the resources required to achieve what is proposed+==== Content in pages ==== 
-  - **Rationale**: A paragraph explaining why the proposal is a good idea and what benefits we will gain if it is voted through+ 
-  - **Timeframe**: A brief description of how long the proposal is likely to take to put into action.+Pages start with their name in a header--- this page is called wiki_contribution_guidelines, and the first header reflects this. Use "======" (H1) size headers. Further headers are smaller "=====" (H2) and their respective headers are one size smaller again. Keep to this logic and you shouldn't go wrong. 
 +When changing topics in pages (using H2 level headers and changing focus / subject), place horizontal rule above the header, except above the first H2 header in the page, when there is no text between it and the page header (the H1)
 +Try to keep things tidy, and, if you see a method in place for contributing your content you would like to add, try to stick to it! If you don't want to, or aren't able to, you can always contact the [[|wiki admin]] to discuss. There may be someone who can help with formatting. :) 
 +==== Defederation policy ==== 
 +We can't go scouring the fediverse and defederating from all instances that are problematic, but if an issue crops up, this should be seen as a guideline for the Admin Action Squad on whether we should defederate with a given instance.  
 +*This is intended as the first step in defining our federation policy, not the last. It does not aim to be exhaustive, but to cover the basics. Further proposals on Loomio may amend and extend the points in this proposal.* 
 +This is what we expect from an instance we federate with: 
 +  - The instance must have a code of conduct. 
 +  - The instance's code of conduct must be enforced. The administration team of the instance should address reports appropriately and in a timely manner
 +  - The instance's code of conduct, and its stated and actual purpose, should be compatible with that of our instance, that is: 
 +    Hate speech and harassment are disallowed. 
 +    Content illegal in France shall not be allowed. 
 +    Fascist and Nazi advocacy is disallowed. 
 +There are different scales along the path to defederation. 
 +  - Suspend (aka block) the instance. This blocks any federation between the two instances
 +  - Silencing the instance. When this happens, SBC members don't see content of the silenced instance unless they happen to follow specific people on that instance (and vice versa).
-A summary paragraph might also be useful, to briefly sum up what members are voting for or against. 
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