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 ===== Server ===== ===== Server =====
-  * Migrate the instance to [[|Hometown]] +  * Request the help of KawaiiPunk's tech co-op as it would be good to have more help with the server 
-  * Get Plume working, or turn it into a static html thing only. +  * Upgrade to Debian 10, preferably before Debian 11 comes out.
-  * Request the help of KawaiiPunk's tech co-op as it would be good to have more help with the server+
 ===== Wiki ===== ===== Wiki =====
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 ===== Instance ===== ===== Instance =====
-  * Make the [[|Terms of Service]] the same as the co-operative's Code of Conduct+  * **Next meeting is December 19th at 18:00 UTC.** 
-  * Make it so we can set the toot character limit from the admin console? +  * Fix contact email for SBC and/or find password.(done) 
-  * Ask co-op if it's okay to switch on authenticated fetches, if okay then warn other instances a week or so before switching on. (What exactly will this do?+  * Move the discourse over to  
-  * make it clearer to newcomers that it's typical to write an intro post so we know who's new (is this worth doing?) +  * Share 'Newspassword with RadioAngel. (done
-  * make blocklist public +  * Remove the term '​libertarian socialist'​ from the about page and replace it with anti-capitalist anti-authoritarian. (done)
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