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 ====== To Do List ====== ====== To Do List ======
-Get paid +//A list of things that to be completed in the co-operative.//
-Delete +
-Destroy the sonsofbitches+
 +===== Server =====
 +  * Request the help of KawaiiPunk's tech co-op as it would be good to have more help with the server
 +  * Upgrade to Debian 10, preferably before Debian 11 comes out.
 +===== Wiki =====
 +  * Update the [[Code of Conduct]] (there are many steps with this, needs to be broken down into manageable chunks)
 +===== Instance =====
 +  * **Next meeting is December 19th at 18:00 UTC.**
 +  * Fix contact email for SBC and/or find password.(done)
 +  * Move the discourse over to 
 +  * Share 'News' password with RadioAngel. (done)
 +  * Remove the term '​libertarian socialist'​ from the about page and replace it with anti-capitalist anti-authoritarian. (done)
 +===== General =====
 +  * Make more friendly and up to date intro blurb about the co-op and how it functions and add it to mastodon and the wiki (needs writing up nicely for newcomers and needs links to good blog posts by other federating folks for more info)
 +  * Make the list of services that we provide more obvious (not many use the riot chat for example)
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