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 ====== FAQ ====== ====== FAQ ======
-===== What is Sonuvabitch ​City? =====+===== What is Sunbeam ​City? =====
-The purpose of the Sonuvabitch ​City Cooperative is to promote the values of the [[Solarpuke|solarpuke]] movement (as defined in our [[Values and Mission Statement]]) ​(which is just a white socialist brat's buzz word for living off the land)begging ​for money to throw at our favorite outsiders, and stabbing ​our own in the back.+The Sunbeam City is an online cooperative that runs a Mastodon instance and a wiki. To make the governing of the Sunbeam City Cooperative transparent,​ the coop uses several other services: Open Collective, Loomio, and a Matrix chat. 
 +The purpose of the Sunbeam ​City Cooperative is to promote the values of the [[Solarpunk|solarpunk]] movement (as defined in our [[Values and Mission Statement]]) ​by investing in and running technologies that empower users, educating and spreading awareness of the solarpunk movementproviding mutual aid for its members, and providing support for other groups who share our values.
 ===== What are our values? ===== ===== What are our values? =====
-We believe in values of the solarpuke ​movement, which we believe to include:+We believe in values of the solarpunk ​movement, which we believe to include:
-  * LARPing Leftism+  * Post-Capitalism
-  * Social, economic and ecological ​injustice+  * Social, economic and ecological ​justice; 
-  * Cooperation,​ community and mutual aid for neurotypicals only+  * Permaculture,​ green/​appropriate tech, and sustainable living
-  * Decentralisation, ​Liberal ​democracy ​that runs on clout;+  * Cooperation,​ community and mutual aid; 
 +  * Decentralisation,​ democracy ​and self-empowerment; 
 +  * Knowledge-sharing.
 The entirety of our Values and Mission Statement is available [[values_and_mission_statement|here]]. The entirety of our Values and Mission Statement is available [[values_and_mission_statement|here]].
 +===== How are we governed? =====
 +The coop membership consists of paying and / or labour-contributing members. See how to become a coop member below.
 +Members can create a proposal for the general membership to approve or refuse on our Loomio, but most of the discussion prior to the proposal is carried out in [[https://​​app/#/​room/#​sunbeam-city:​|our Matrix chat]].
 +Day-to-day tasks are carried out by action squads. There are currently two: Admin and Tech.
 +For more details, read our [[Governance Policy]].
 +===== What is in your Code of Conduct? =====
 +Our code of conduct is available [[code_of_conduct|here]] and applies to all members regardless of their role.
 +===== Why do you have so many services, and what are they even? =====
 +Each of our services serves a different purpose. ​
 +  * [[https://​|Mastodon]] is a social network and people can join even if they don't want to be part of the cooperative. A Mastodon quick start guide is available [[https://​​2018/​08/​mastodon-quick-start-guide/​|here]].
 +  * [[https://​|Wiki]] is used for documenting the work that the coop does and for building a knowledge base for a solarpunk and DIY projects. We use [[https://​​dokuwiki|DokuWiki]].
 +  * [[https://​​sunbeam-city|Open Collective]] allows us to collect membership fees and to be transparent about how we spend our money. More about Open Collective [[https://​​help/​|here]].
 +  * [[https://​|Loomio]] is a decision-making software where all members of the cooperative can participate in how the cooperative is run and what actions it takes. ​ More about Loomio [[https://​​|here]].
 +  * [[https://​​app/#/​room/#​sunbeam-city:​|#​sunbeam-city Matrix chat room]] is where anyone can observe and offer their opinion on issues concerning the cooperative,​ although the actual decisions are decided by the coop members. If you're not yet sure about joining the coop but you're interested, join our chat.\\ More about Matrix [[https://​​docs/​guides/​faq.html|here]].
 +  * [[https://​​|Plume]] is a blogging platform for longer writings and blog posts. Read more about [[https://​​|Plume here]] \\
 +  ​
 +===== How to become a member of the Sunbeam City Cooperative?​ =====
 +  - Contact a member of a Administration & Community Action Squad (find members [[action squads|here]]) indicating your interest.
 +  - Sign up for OpenCollective and back the [[https://​​sunbeam-city|Sunbeam City Cooperative]]. Include a link to your Mastodon account on your OC profile so we know who you are.
 +  - Sign up for [[https://​|our Loomio page]].
 +  - Let the Admin AS know that you've completed all the steps, so that you can be approved on Loomio and start voting!  ​
 +Don't forget to join the [[https://​​app/#/​room/#​sunbeam-city:​|#​sunbeam-city Matrix room]] to keep an eye on new developments.
 +==== Do I have to use my real name for the OC profile? ====
 +If you'd rather not use your real name, you don't have to.
 +===== How to become a member of an Action Squad? =====
 +**Option A**: Apply for a position to the current members of the action squad you're interested in. If all of them agree, congratulations - you're a member!
 +**Option B**: Start a proposal on Loomio (or have another member start it for you) to become a AS member. If the proposal gets twice as many Agrees to Disagrees from the general membership, you become a member of the action squad.
 +===== How do I contribute to the wiki? =====
 +If you do not yet have an account but would like to contribute, please contact a member of the [[action squads|administration community]] who will be able to create an account for you.
 +===== Where can I find the list of instances that the Mastodon instance does not federate with? =====
 +The blocklist can be found [[https://​​doku.php?​id=sunbeam_city_blocklist|here]].
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