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Code of Conduct

Who must follow this code of conduct?

Every member of Sunbeam City must follow this code of conduct, with no exception and no regard to role within Sunbeam City.

Our values

Social, ecological and economic justice are the first values of Sunbeam City, and guide everything we do. The actions of Sunbeam City as a cooperative and on the basis of individual acting as members of Sunbeam City must not contradict these values.


Absolutely no actions or decisions made on behalf on the Sunbeam City cooperative may be made in secret from the rest of the general membership. Any activity that would require such confidentiality can not be undertaken. All decision making and communication between members regarding the activity of the cooperative must be kept to public channels open to the general membership for review.



Sunbeam City does not extend its membership to individuals who identify as Fascist or Nazi.


The following behaviour will not be tolerated within Sunbeam City's public channels and may result in the removal of a person's membership:

  • Behaviour or speech which directly advocates or perpetuates ableism, ageism, authoritarianism, biphobia, casteism, classism, fascism, homophobia, linguicism, misogyny, racism, religious sectarianism, sexism, transphobia, or xenophobia.
  • Inappropriate sexual conduct towards or with other members;
  • Doxxing of other members;
  • Continuing to engage in debate with another member of Sunbeam City after the member has expressed their wish to disengage from debate;
  • Inciting other members to engage with another individual (also known as “dogpiling”);
  • Any behaviour or use of the cooperative's services which may threaten the legal, physical or ethical integrity of the cooperative (e.g., spamming, denial of service attacks, coordinating harassment, etc).


Proponents of Capitalism

While the Sunbeam City cooperative engages in debates with proponents of Capitalism, the cooperative is a post-Capitalism organisation and is under no obligation to provide services to those who would use them in order to advance or defend Capitalism. For this reason, Sunbeam City does not extend membership to proponents of Capitalism. Individuals who use Sunbeam City’s services to repeatedly (after receiving two warnings) challenge the cooperative's stance on Capitalism forfeit their right to use these services, with co-operative members subjecting themselves to the possibility of permanent expulsion, subject to review and overruling by the general membership.

Conflict of interest

Members who initiate proposals for collective action that affect them directly should make this clear to the rest of the cooperative. This also applies if proposals may directly affect people with whom the members may have personal relationships. If in doubt, err on the side of caution and declare your relationship. Furthermore, members must not offer rewards or punishment to other members for voting on proposals.


Members are free to publicly or privately alert other members or the public to ongoing or past activity which they believe may breach of the Code of Conduct.

Consequences for violating the Code of Conduct

Actions to reduce behaviour which breaches the Code of Conduct may be taken by the relevant body, specified by the Governance Policy.


Any changes to this code of conduct must be approved on a basis of at least four Agree votes for every Disagree vote.

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