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Cooperative building

This page is a directory of resources for building cooperatives and grassroots movements. Expect it to grow!

  • Resources by Seeds for Change - A comprehensive set of guidelines for campaigns and co-operatives that covers facilitation, decision-making, and workshops.
  • Green and Black Cross - Legal and first aid support for grassroots movements in Britain.
  • Cooperative identity, values and principles - Basic principles that cooperatives should adhere to, set forth by the International Cooperative Alliance.
  • Cooperative Educators Network - Full learning programs about all kinds of cooperative enterprises.
  • Decidim - Decidim is a Free Open-Source participatory democracy platform for cities and organizations. But Decidim is more than a digital platform: it’s a common's free and open project and infrastructure involving code, documentation, design, training courses, a legal framework, collaborative interfaces, user and facilitation communities, and a common vision.
  • Food Coop Initiative - Free resources for starting food coops.
  • Wobbly - Currently under development. A platform for workplace organization, built on syndicalist principles.


These sites collect job openings in worker's cooperatives and democratic workplaces.

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