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Self-care is any necessary human regulatory function which is under individual control, deliberate and self-initiated.

Note: The information in this section is based on our personal and collective experiences. What works for the authors of this page, may not be right for you. Use common sense and look after yourself. When it comes to health, always seek the advice of a trained medical professional if possible.

Activities of Daily Living

Activities of Daily Living includes topics about personal hygeine, sleeping, eating and nutrition, medication, housekeeping, managing money, moving, food safety, preparing meals, grocery shopping, and communication. Many of the topics in this section provide examples of what tasks may be part of someone's day to day life and may be useful when trying to achieve personal self-care goals.

One example of a place to start when it comes to practicing self-care in your daily activities is the 6-3-1 Rule below.

TLDR: The 6-3-1 Rule

At the Chaos Communications Congress, hackers are encouraged to follow the 6-3-1 rule. That means a minimum of six hours of sleep, three meals per day and one shower. It's sometimes easy to forget the basics of caring for one's self and those around you. This is a good basic starting point for most people.


Approaches to Self-Care includes specific recommendations for activities that may increase mood, energy levels, and physical and mental health. The topics in this section include covering different types of physical exercise, suggestions for healthy eating, activities to support mental wellness such as mindfulness and stress management, as well as ideas about personal development.

Health care

Free medicine for everyone People are disenfranchised from access to medicine for various reasons. To circumvent these, we have developed a way for individuals to manufacture their own medications. We have designed an open-source automated lab reactor, which can be built with off-the-shelf parts, and can be set to synthesize different medications.

Where There Is No Doctor: a village health care handbook by David Werner

Code4Health The Code4Health Platform provides an open sandbox environment for anyone who wants to discover, demonstrate, test or build health and care solutions by simulating a wide range of open systems and services you are increasingly likely to find in UK health and care.

Further Reading

XR Resources

Extinction Rebellion (XR) has many wonderful resources on self-care and well-being.

* General Well-being resources

* Post-Action Wellbeing and Resilience

* XR Support Roles

In-the-Moment Resources

Feeling crummy right now and not sure what to do about it? Give these links a try.

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