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Action Squads

Action Squads are groups of cooperative members who have access to the server or administative powers in order to carry out the daily running of the cooperative's activities. As such, they are not decision-making bodies, but rather are the “executive branch” of the the cooperative. Their discretionary powers are limited and subject to over-ruling by the general membership, and the existence of Action Squads is entirely contingent on the practicality (security) of keeping access to administrative powers to trusted members.

Administration and community


  • Approving new members into the cooperative and maintaining the list of active members.
  • Approving reimbursement for expenses related to the daily running of the cooperative.
  • Applying the community Code of Conduct on the cooperatives' web services and facilitating the communication and decision-making of the cooperative.
  • Maintaining the instance blocklist.


  • Wakest - Mastodon administrator & Matrix moderator

IT / technical


Setting up and maintaining the software necessary for the web services run by the cooperative.



Wiki maintainer


Keeping the wiki up to date, publish meeting notes, keep wiki from being defaced.


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