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Here are some national or international-scale solarpunk-adjacent organisations worth working with or donating to.

Environmental activism

Community building

  • Transition Network - Neighbourhood-level organising, projects, and development of resources (such as Repair Cafes, community gardens,and makerspaces) to build sustainable circular economies.
  • Buy Nothing Project - Share your resources and your skills with your neighbours, with the ultimate goal being to buy nothing.
  • Falling Fruit - Plant fruit trees and other edible plants in urban environments to help end food insecurity.
  • Food Not Lawns - Share skills, labour, and resources to promote urban farming.
  • Communitere - A non-profit that builds makerspaces and provides other resources to promote independence and resilience in underserved, exploited, or disaster-struck areas.
  • Project Entropy - An in-development initiative to build a traveling solarpunk makerspace on a boat and develop various open source designs as decided democratically by its community.

Collective bargaining

Mutual aid

Racial justice

Online activism

  • Peng - Hacking/art activism.
  • Framasoft - Education, publishing, and internet privacy.
  • heropunch - Hacktivism and software/hardware development for a better future.
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