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Skills Exchange

Add skills you're able to share with others here. Alternatively, join a local time banking group, or volunteer!


Happy to help with the following:

  • Linux - Debian/Ubuntu
  • Libre software
  • Music production
  • Union organising - workplace/housing
  • Co-operative - worker/housing
  • Self defence - Muay Thai


I'm available to help with linux sysadmin-y things and programming. I also know a little about communal/group living and brazillian jiu jitsu.


Experienced with:

  • Gardening (including germinating/planting seeds, cloning)
  • Composting
  • Rainwater collection
  • Salvaging/working with pallet wood
  • Salvaging/working with urbanite
  • Food Not Bombs
  • Linux (Mint)
  • LineageOS
  • Tor, and other infosec tools

with tangential knowledge on many things related to self-sufficiency, leftist organizing and activism, and DIY. Happy to find local groups for people to join, or to help with any other questions you may have


May be able to help with:

  • Robotics
  • Electronics
  • Bikes and cycling
  • Sharing e-books with an activism / anarchism / historical / solarpunk theme (pdf and epub)
  • Switching to Lineage OS or Linux (or other open source OSes for mobiles or computers)
  • Can send plant babies if you're in the UK (I don't have a big stock or anything but I propagate sometimes)

Would like help with:

  • Adding to my epub / pdf collection of e-books.
  • Do you know of anarchist role play systems?


Happy to help with the following:

  • Indexing
  • Proof-reading (American English-based)
  • Research


I'll do my best to help with:

  • academic writing editing / feedback
  • building scripts for conversations with healthcare providers, authority figures, etc., esp. for getting through trans-related gatekeeping
  • summarizing articles / texts into key points
  • providing image descriptions


Lots of professional experience in:

  • Editing, proofreading, copy editing, copy writing
  • Creative writing
  • Composition
  • Tutoring both Spanish and English

Always happy to give:

  • reading recommendations for literary fiction, scifi, fantasy, comics, socialist theory, history, environmental writing, and basically anything else!

Want to learn about;

  • Book binding

Solarpunk Gnome

I can do some of the following:

  • Patent research
  • Inorganic chemistry (particularly materials science and electrochemistry)
  • Finding maker resources
  • 3D printing and laser cutting advice
  • Simple electronics and electrical projects
  • Proof reading and writing in US English
  • Bad Spanish/English translation
  • Reading recommendations for sci-fi, fantasy, and non-fiction.
  • Questions about time banks.

Anarcha-Ecologist Catgirl

  • Rusty Undergraduate Mathematics
  • Skills and experience with plumbing
  • English/Spanish translation skills
  • Reading recommendations for anarchistic theory and fiction
  • Screenwriting
  • Non-linear video & audio editing
  • General film-making

Gwenfar's Garden

  • Gardening, including growing both edibles and ornamentals, and forest gardens
  • Gardening with a chronic illness/disability
  • Permaculture
  • Permaculture garden design
  • Using MS Word and Excel
  • Bookkeeping (basic, including using Xero)

Joe Cassels

  • Can give advice on composting (completed a Master Composter course)
  • Have experience keepings chickens


  • Gardening (including pollination, cloning, and no-light greenhouses, garden boxes, small spaces etc.)
  • Solarpunk & Lunarpunk Speculative Fiction
  • Autodidact Study Methods (Anki, Obsidian, Study Groups, Language Learning etc.)
  • Fiber Arts (Knitting, Mending, Yarn, Basic Weaving)
  • Book Recommendations (Sci-Fi, History, Environmental, Linguistic)
  • Fermentation (Kombucha, Kefir, Pickles, Sauer Kraut, Cheese, Yogurt etc.)
  • Canning & Food Preservation
  • Sustainability & Upcycling
  • Basic Infosec (GPG Encryption, Hard Drive Encryption, Tor, etc.)
  • Urban Chickens & Ducks.
  • Livestreaming (Twitch, Setup, Filming, Audio, Software, etc.)

Want to learn about;

  • Bookbinding
  • Esperanto
  • Latin
  • Editing
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