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gcm_jan24_2023 meeting 2023-01-24

Check in:

  • Kevlar
  • SqueakyPancakes
  • handle


1. Check-in

2. Old Business

  • Discussion on “How to Vote”
  • Server Hosting
  • se-sm-ca and Kevlar want to be moderators
  • Who has access to what accounts?
    • 🅿 Parked til wakest is around
    • Godaddy on Wakest person account
    • Kimsufi is on Wakest
    • Mailgun account, also personally on Wakest.
    • using Wakest address.
    • Shared Bitwarden in Wakest email address because we didn't have one.
    • get as an email from Gandi or something
      • Tabled until OC card
  • Figure out welcome email to add wiki & matrix links
    • Customise the signup email
    • Idea is to make sure everyone has a link to the wiki and matrix
    • We've closed registration. Does this still matter?
    • Kicked over to Tech Action Squad
  • Are invites still open?
    • as of Mastodon 4.0 - invites assigned based on roles, normal users can't invite. Tech team, moderators can do.
    • Maybe make mastodon announcement to provide links
    • Invites closed due to moderator capacity currently only 2
  • Finance Update
    • Financial statements on the Wiki are updated to include all OpenCollective transactions as of yesterday. There's still an outstanding account payable, but even taking that into account, SBC's equity is up $159.65 over the year.

2. New business

  • How to improve transparency (eg publish decisions made)
    • Making sure we're publishing meeting notes on the wiki?
  • Switch over DNS
    • Tabled waiting on OC card
  • Loomio
    • move all decisions keep chat for community stuff
    • did cause issues with platform fatigue, but mastodon does offer SSO now.
  • Communuty meetings
    • use to happen but only squeaky pancakes and radio angel showed up

+ was neat going to that solarpunk presentation last year

Unfinished Business

  • Virtual OpenCollective card

List of TAS tasks

Making a pad:

Also see:

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