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18:10 – Meeting called to “order”

Initial discussion about what to discuss. Potential topics:

  • Wiki
  • Hosting
  • Rules

Some Wiki work commenced:

partial removal of “Coup Mutual Aid & Resources”, with relevant links xferred to Link Dumping Ground

Hosting: Three options:

  • Go MTM

Seems the most likely option for the moment while info is better researched. Will take 2-3 tech sessions for the move. Don’t want 2 Masto instances.

  • Temporary Move

Pro: The move may provide ability to get info & doc in order sooner. May be beneficial due to more ppl wanting to be involved than have been typically. Con: The multi-move option can create additional issues.

  • Permanent Move is moving slowly, uncertain when it will be up. Next mtg is this Friday.

Consensus: Go MTM for the next 7-weeks.

Discourse ( Hasn’t been used for 2-years & still costing $$ Time to discontinue. Ensure backed up on and end service.

Guidelines updates: Removal of Loomio from Wiki

Code of Conduct:

  • Looks like the major rules

Next Meeting: General Meeting: March 20, 2022 @ 18:00 UTC - 1 hour Sunbeam City Tech Action Squad: March 20, 2022 @ 19:00 UTC – 1 hour

Also see:

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