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Sunbeam City Meeting 21 November, 2022

Check in:


  1. Check-ins/intros
  2. Old Business
    • decision making processes, Adopt Autonomic stuff
    • based on Quaker decision making process. Small/Medium/Large decisions.
    • need list of all folks to be able to do Large decisions…
    • how do votes get recorded?
      • RocketChat emoji reactions.
    • could say decision making is done in Matrix room, poll with reactions? how to only have one vote per user? but probably folks in this room who are not sunbeam and vice versa
    • another option: mastodon, poll on there?
    • tried using the “announcement” system on mastodon once or twice, unsure how it went. emoji vote on there. deadline “this closes by <whenever>”. could include everyone on instance vs just folks who are on the instance
    • seen this approach on a couple of other places, clear statement of what each emoji (emojo?) means
    • talk a while ago about moving over to hometown fork, then we'd have local-only posts, which could be voted on. stuck with infrastructure.
    • would voting be open to everyone on the server or only those that have donated into OpenCollective (as per current “wiki posted” rules,
    • detailed basis for what fits each category would be impossible, general guide and examples for each category helpful though
    • what are the current rules for decision-making?
      • nobody knows! :D wiki outdated
      • consensus-via-matrix sort of evolved
    • can choose something and change it later; better to have something than nothing
    • would a moderation decision, e.g. blocking or defederation, be “medium” or “large”?
      • probably Large?
    • if you downvote a decision, it means it should be a Large - so if you're unsure you can make it a medium
    • blocking/defederating - Large-tier discussion on what would cause it to happen
    • specific criteria for defederating / instance blocks. also an element of speed. moderators put in the block and put up a vote at the same time

Call to Vote

Wakest moved the Adoption of Autonomic methodology. Seconded by Teslas Mustache. Vote Carried universally.

Discussion on “How to Vote” continued:

  • proposal to use announcement feature to do voting
  • not accessible in mobile apps
  • not everyone has the ability to post
    • one of the mods has to write the announcement
  • Matrix instead?

The voting method has been tabled as no immediate consensus could be reached.

3. Sunbeam City Wiki - Maintainer

  • sr.gray has volunteered to assist with this opening
  • main priorities will be updating info to current
  • additionally, hopes to add records for decision history transparency

Call to Vote

sr.gray take over as wiki maintainer Pass (8 Approved, 1 Abstain, 0 Nay)

4. Discussion on new moderator positions

Unfinished Business for Next Meeting (unless completed via Tech Action Squad)

  1. Add rules to Mastodon
  2. Discourse server
  3. Server Hosting
    • Paying for it via open collective? Want to pay larger chunks.
  4. se-sm-ca, Derek, and Kevlar want to be moderators
  5. Who has access to what accounts?
  6. New mastodon roles
  7. Close registration
  8. Figure out welcome email to add wiki & matrix links
  9. Finance Update
  10. How to improve transparency (eg publish decisions made)
  11. Update to Mastodon 4.x

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