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Read release notes (be sure to click the release version heading to see the full notes).

Check out the (brief) generic release notes on

Make sure you have a copy of cloned locally.

Build a new version

export NEW_VERSION=4.2.0  # change to actual new version
git checkout trunk
git fetch upstream --tags
git checkout -b merged-$NEW_VERSION
git merge v$NEW_VERSION
git checkout trunk
git merge merged-$NEW_VERSION
git push

Then check the "Jobs" page on Gitlab, and you should see the Docker image build happily running 🏃 It takes about 8 minutes.

Deploy the new version

SSH to the server (

Then run:

cd /var/services/mastodon
sudo -u services git pull
sudo docker-compose pull && \
  sudo docker-compose down && \
  sudo docker-compose up -d
sudo docker-compose run --rm -e SKIP_POST_DEPLOYMENT_MIGRATIONS=true web bundle exec rails db:migrate
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