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Metadata Resistance

“We kill people based on metadata.” —Former CIA and NSA Director US General Michael Hayden

Explanatory Examples Of Metadata Leaks

  • IP address is visible to all servers you directly contact
  • IP address is public in P2P networks such as Bittorrent, Scuttlebutt, Ring, Tox, etc.
  • Fact (and size) of the interaction between people is public

(To Say More)

Active Metadata-Resistant Crypto Projects

(To explain further)

  • Ricochet
  • * Cwtch
  • Briar

Concepts and Structure Of Metadata-Resistant Design

Similar to how the internet is built layer-by-layer, each one using the guarantees of the previous layer to establish more reliable data-transmission capabilities, Metadata-Resistant Applications build on the guarantees of the previous layer to provide more capabilities, while showing that their capabilities do not break privacy.

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