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SBC Decision-making Process

The Sunbeam City decision-making process was adapted from Autonomic Co-operative's method.

Sunbeam City Membership is defined in the Governance policy, and only Sunbeam City Members are permitted to vote on large & medium decisions. However, any individual in Sunbeam City can make large/medium proposals and small decisions.

Decision Categories

Decisions can be split into three categories: Small, Medium and Large.

1) Small - Get on and do the thing

  • No one cares.
  • Made by an individual within Sunbeam City.
  • Could be in any area.
  • Up to individual Sunbeam City members to decide if they should make the decision, or share it with the rest of Sunbeam City to seek consensus.

2) Medium - Consensus Pending Objections

  • About admin and infrastructure.
  • Doesn’t affect the direction or operation of Sunbeam City.
  • Give a deadline: unless anyone objects or asks for more time by then, it goes ahead.
  • The deadline must be reasonable (a week by default).
  • If any member of Sunbeam City thinks it’s a Large decision, achieve Maximum Consensus™ (see below).

3) Large - Maximum Consensus™

  • Important decisions affecting the operation, direction, working conditions and finances of Sunbeam City.
  • Consensus voting: addressing any concerns.
  • Can be requested by any member of Sunbeam City for any decision.
  • Input from every Sunbeam City member.
  • Whoever proposes Large decisions is responsible for chasing up members for votes.
  • Votes can be in favour, against, abstain (stand aside) or block.
  • One member, one vote.


For Medium and Large decisions:

  1. Write up a proposal on the proposals page on this wiki
  2. Announce the decision in the “Decisions” Matrix channel, with a link to the decision
  3. Add the decision to the decisions page of this wiki.
  4. Announce the result in the “Decisions” Matrix channel, and record the result on the decisions page of this wiki.

Proposal Format

(For Medium and Large decisions).

  1. What you want to change.
  2. Who it affects.
  3. Size (Medium / Large).
  4. Deadline.

Example Proposal

@all I’d like to propose (Medium|Large) decision 069, to change our name to “Moonray Town”

Deadline for votes is DEADLINE – let me know if you need more time to vote than that.

Please send absolutely any and all replies in the “Sunbeam General” chat not here 🙏

👍 this message for “enthusiastic consent”, 🤷 for “stand aside” or 👎 if you need to indicate your extreme disagreement with this idea.

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