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Single Board Computers

Single board computers or SBCs are smaller, lower cost and lower power consumption computers than desktop motherboards. While typically computationally less powerful, they offer a balance between performance and energy consumption, like a Raspberry Pi Zero. This allows them to be used in situations without access to mains electric, where solar panels or similar are used to provide electrical energy. They are also useful for projects such as running a personal server for cloud storage, for those that do not wish to trust large companies with their private data.

A searchable database of all SBCs available is hosted on BoardDB.


  • Raspberry Pi have an established and trusted selection of boards, and regularly blog about what people are doing with their SBCs. They have many education resources too, though most are fun and not particularly solarpunk.


  • MNT Reform - A DIY OSHW modular laptop made largely of 3D printed and CNC milled parts, designed to be secure and easy to repair.
  • Librem 15 - A laptop designed from the ground up for privacy.

Mobile devices

  • Kite - A DIY OHSW modular smartphone kit designed to be flexible and customizable.
  • Fairphone - An ethically-produced, easy to repair smartphone that's built to last (Europe only).
  • WiPhone - A DIY OSHW phone that can make free VoIP calls when connected to wifi, designed to be hackable, modular, cheap, and open.
  • Librem 5 - A smartphone designed from the ground up for privacy.

Solar Panels

  • Libre Solar - Open Source Hardware and Software along with documentation of how to set up photovoltaic systems with open source devices and software.


  • Flone - A DIY OSHW drone built around a smartphone.
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